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As for the licensed [a] company means that the allowed capital to get a guanteed license cat, (a) Started from [US$300.000 to US$ 5.000,000] and to be classified as a company for outbound and inbound tourism and all other travel related services like Aviation bookings, Hotels, cruises reservation, transportation, guiding domestically & internationally. And the ministry of tourism has a condition applied on all the cat. (a) Companies they must have their volume of business along the year equals the allowed licensed capital [US $ 5.000.000]. AS for the other companies they are classified as (b) category for a lesser capital than US $ 300.000 and they are working in only one activity like transportation or aviation.

The third is (c) which working only for the travel services like hiring guides, renting cars, advise travel info s’ etc.. And of Crouse the allowed capital is lesser than US$100.000.


our staff experience traced back to 20 year in the tourism field.

As for the testimonials we can’t send this testimonials due to the privacy of the contacts with our guests.

However, there are some testimonials for some of our clients on our company’s web site gb.php

Sure, our working staffs they have mobiles and walkie-talkie are available 24 hours in all destinations of Egypt.